12th Basildon Seminar, held at Frpya Hall, our new Dojo Location   2017

10th Pressure points Anniversary Bash Over 40 attendants that didnít all get in the Picture, This was the Biggest To Date and much fun Pain was had by all

Professor Jak Othman Silat and Karambit Seminar at Thorndon Hill 31st March 2015, hostedby Jim Mcallistar

9th Basildon Pressure Points Seminar. Grand Master Paul Bowman

Giving away many more of the pressure point secrets. 14th February 2015

Modern Arnis Seminar with Master of tapi tapi Ken Smith 14th July 2014.  Hosted by GrandMaster Dave Martin, Maidstone.

2014 again was a very good seminar, more new drills and pain was introduced to the new and again looking forward to 2015 Unfortunately our d

Dojo was burned down the very next day But we shale persevere ;-)

Biggest Basildon Seminar for Grandmaster Paul Bowman to date.
7th Seminar - 16th February 2013.  A great time was had by all

Grandmaster Paul Bowman 6th Pressure Points Seminar, 18th February 2012, Basildon. Busy Bees. More Pressure Points secrets disclosed. Those that wasnít there, really did miss out.

Uk Camp Stevenage, 18-20th November 2011

Fantastic Turnout, over 15 Countires attended and over 250 people at the event.

5th Pressure Points Seminar, 26th February 2011

A great thanks to everyone who made the effort to turn and to make the 5th Basildon Seminar a little bit special for Grand Master Paul Bowman. Who again did a fab seminar. He was then presented with a plaque for his contribution to MSASD year of his 9th Dan Promotion,

Thanks also to the Masters that attended

Grand Master Paul Bowman, Grand Master Andy Mason, Master Graham Dyball, Master Chris Byrne, Master Mick Rothon


MSASD ups the pressure
Basildon Kyusho Jitsu (Pressure Points) Seminar held at the Busy Bees plays Centre Markham's Chase Saturday 20th March 2010.
MSASD Presented Grand Master Paul Bowman 8th Dan.
Hosted by Master Mark Smith (Mark Smith's Academy of Self Defence)
A great seminar was had by who that attended. People attended from far and wide from Manchester, Eastbourne and Maidstone.
There was some great techniques thought by G. M Bowman including Chi Exercises that helped to build the chi energy as well as his energetic knock out technique's. There was also some great techniques thought by the other masters at the end of the seminar.
A Special thanks therefore goes to Grand Master Paul Bowman, Master Graham Dyball, Master Andy Mason, Master Brian Eagling, Master Steve Shipp. Here's to the next one.
Grand Master Paul Bowman is the Chief instructor of Zendoryu and the head Instructor in Europe for Dillman Karate International.
Professor George Dillman is expected to do a UK Seminar in and around the November period. Watch this space!!

Pressure Points Seminar number three with Grand Master Paul Bowman
6th June 2009
Markhams Chase Sports Centre Basildon

Many thanks to all who attended, including some that had to leave early. Thanks for making the effort to come, well done. It was also good to see some old friends again and good to see some new faces.

A special thanks goes to Grand Master Paul Bowman and all the Masters that helped contribute with some of there own unique techniques.

Master picture in Order from left to right
Master Gary Johnson, Master Graham Dyball, Master Mick Rothon, Grand Master Paul Bowman, Master Steve Shipp, Master Mark Smith, Master Andy Mason


Seminar with Master Kam 17th May 2009 Markhams Chase Sports Centre

A great time was had by all, a special thanks goes to Master Kam for his exuberant explanation of techniques in Muay Thai and Chinese kickboxing.


Self Defense and pressure point seminar.

Hosted By Sensei Len Norman of Tokon Do Karate based In Benfleet. Special Guest Master Mark Smith.
It was nice to be invited to do this seminar for Sensei Len. All students came seemed to enjoy the morning and
had a bit of a surprise at the end. Special thanks go to Sensei Brian Miller, Sensei David Aarons, Steve Hutchinson & Martin Hayday for helping out and Students


Weapons August 2nd 2008

Venue Markhams chase Sports Centre 10 am till 2 PM, The Seminar went well and all students seemed to enjoy themselves. A DVD was done on the techniques tought and is available at £15.00. Please contact Sokei Mark Smith

Kyusho Seminar 2nd Paul Bowman Seminar

Second Seminar By Grand Master Paul Bowman. Markhams Chase Sports Centre 10am Till 2pm A special thanks goes to Masters Chris Byrne, Damion Kierens, Graham Dyball, Mick Rothon, Gary Johnson, Barry Bowman and Not forgetting Grand Master Paul Bowman.

The Seminar was enjoyed by all.


Kyusho Jitsu Seminar 15th March 2008
The Seminar was A success and I would like to thank Master Damean Kearan 4th Dan, Master Steve Ship 4th Dan, Master Graham Dyball 5th Dan, Master Chris Byrne 5th Dan and especially Grand Master Paul Bowman 8th Dan for making the day so enjoyable for everybody.


Grand Master Paul Bowman Left, Myself and Proffessor George A Dillman seminar in 2005 at Watford.