Sokei Mark Smith Founder and Chief Instructor.

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I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my senior instructor, Sensei David Aarons for his assistance and loyalty and note that it is good to have Sensei Brian Miller back out of retirement to teach Jiu Jitsu once again and run the occasional specialised course and seminars.

Students and Parents

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all my junior and senior students for training with us, as without you we would have no Academy. For those parents that make the effort to bring their children on a regular basis with commitment and enthusiasm I thank you also, as very often it is down to you the parent to encourage your child and make the sacrifices in life that sets the roots for your child.

Good Luck, Stay safe train safe and stay well.

Yours in Budo

Sokei Mark Smith

7th Degree Grand Master



David Aarons Senior Instructor
Competition and Kick Boxing Instructor

Brief history

I began boxing aged 11yrs old and followed this with traditional karate at aged 14, but didn’t really commit to either art.

I tried my hand at ju-jitsu at aged 17 and again did not settle until i met sensei jim mcallister at age 22 and knew that i had found what i was looking for .

I trained under sensei mcallister for over 15yrs and attained level2 instructor status in full contact karate / kick-boxing and self-defence.

I have ,over the years, trained in various forms of karate and ju-jitsu including tai ju-jitsu with the shadow warrior association also with Sensei mcallister and master bob lawrence in the fudoshin system of traditional karate

I have taught at my own classes of full contact karate and kick-boxing but unfortunately had to give them up due to personal reasons

to extend my knowledge i continue to train and hope to do so for many years to come.

David adds a wealth of experience to the Academy and the students enjoy his versatile training methods. Since joining the Academy David has coached two students to Gold medals at the Malympic World Championships earlier this year.
I was pleased that David wanted to join us. As I feel he still as much more to offer.

In May 2011, Sensei David Aarons was awarded the position of Senior Instructor taking over from Sensei Brian Miller.
Sokei Mark Smith


Sensei Brian Miller responsible for Jiu Jitsu and Special Weapons Training and also runs courses in BartJitsu

Technical Advisor to MSASD 13/02/16


Grand Master Paul Bowman 9th Dan


Paul Bowman was awarded the position of Technical advisor after he was presented with a certificate of Technical Excellence by Grand Master Mark Smith. Following his completion of 10 consecutive Pressure point seminars for the Academy.


Grand Master Bowman has been in the martial arts now for over 53 years.

He is considered by many to be the leading authority in Kyusho Jitsu in Europe and in fact one of the world’s leading authorities in Kyushu and Tuite.

Convinced by Professor George Dillman Founder of Dillman Karate International,

Techniques and Blocking as originally taught after 1906 would not contribute in a confrontation between much bigger opponents. That being the case Paul at only 5’3” started the long transformation between a hard Blocking style that he had achieved high Dan grades in whilst in Japan, to the now very useful understanding of point location and applications it was really meant to be.

Paul Goes all over the world teaching pressure points and we are very proud to be affiliated to Zendoryu and DKI.

(George is also an inspiration to all of us. Without his determination and open minded approach we would not have progressed as we all have. So Thanks to Professor Dillman )

Grand master Bowman is a gentleman, Very approachable and says it how it is and I am very proud to be his student and friend.