Grandmaster Mark Smith and the Mark Smith Academy of Self-defence
(MSASD) have joined forces with the UCAA and are now authorised to teach the
UCAA's Kyusho-Jitsu Certification Programme (KJCP) syllabus in the UK.

Full details regarding the KJCP and course dates in the UK can be found on this
page. Or by contacting Grandmaster Mark Smith directly:

This system of self defense has been developed for simplicity of use.
It will help you to realize when you need to react, when threatened or cornered.
Other benefits include the following:
It can be taught to both young and old. Male or female.
It does not need strength to be effective.
Techniques taught are efficient and easy to learn.
Positive thinking will be enhanced.
Fitness levels will be improved.
Self confidence levels will be raised.
All around awareness will be developed.
Have the opportunity to train in a friendly environment.

Whilst knife crime is on the rise and street gangs are on the increase.
How can you afford not to try out this simple but effective system?

Important Notice:

New Little Ninjas Class now available

See Classes Page for Details

Please contact for information as limited spaces available.


Member and Instructor of B.B.I - Black Belt International.

Affiliated to D.K.I Dillman Karate International

Affiliated to Zendoryu Martial Arts.

Qualified in First Aid, Child Protection, Health and Safety, Coaching and Instructing

 also qualified as a Tutor, Assessor and Verifier

Private Tuition and Weapon Courses available - see contact us page.


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